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Identifying Minute Traces of Household Mold

Posted by on Mar 5, 2015 in Spring Cleaning Tips, Tips For Home | Comments Off

Mold is one of the most frustrating problems your home or business can have and this is mainly due to the fact that it can be hard to pinpoint the actual location, cause and source of this harmful bacteria. Mold inspection and remediation services can be expensive and as such they are usually covered by property insurance claims. The question may arise though, what are the tell-tale signs of a mould infection and how can I prevent it from occurring?

Any source of harmful household mold bacteria will have one starting point – moisture and oxygen. Whether it is from a spring melt or a more serious water damage scenario you’ll want to get that cleaned up as soon as possible. While you might think throwing a towel down and wiping it up is enough even a small amount of melted snow can build up over the course of a winter and seep into small crevices and this is where dangerous black mold can grow.

In terms of actually recognizing dangerous mold, there are several obvious indicators. Dark stains near ventilation shafts and entry points are obvious as well as small spots. If you see this your residential mould problem is likely more severe than you are aware of and we recommend the services of The Mold Remediation Pros if you are in the Ottawa area. Several of our readers have reported a positive experience with them and they offer a free visual inspection with most initial visits. As mentioned earlier, mold remediation services are normally covered under homeowners’ insurance and inspection and testing can be a great investment so you get the peace of mind knowing that every possible instance of dangerous bacteria has been removed.

Another way you can identify harmful mold is by the types of health problems residents are experiencing. Skin irritation, respiration issues and even red spots out of nowhere can be a sign of a severe mold problem and they can become even more dangerous if not dealt with immediately. For larger homes ventilation shafts and air conditioning ducts are large areas that can transport small amounts of mold throughout your home so it is not uncommon that these are the first places that are thoroughly checked. Even a visual inspection is often not enough. Professional mold removal companies often should perform air quality sample testing to locate minute traces of the bacteria that are cannot be seen with the naked eye. You’ll often see the claim ‘free visual inspection’ but these are inferior to an actual air quality test and we’d recommend steering clear of the latter as it can easily overlook small traces that can only be found with specialized equipment.

Do your research thoroughly and only deal with Ottawa water damage and mold removal companies that are approved by your home insurance company. Most established businesses will have a specific guarantee on how much mold they can remove and the extent to which they will work.

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Countertop Essentials

Posted by on Feb 21, 2015 in Remodeling, Tips For Home | Comments Off

One of the biggest investments you can make in your kitchen that adds immense value and glamour to your home is replacing the countertops. Natural stone countertops like granite and quartz are the most popular and while there are pricing differences there are definitely some benefits of each material type you should be aware of. Whether you own your own property or it’s a rental unit, new countertops can definitely be one of the best investments to make in terms of adding value and transforming the overall look and feel of your kitchen – a place we all spend lots of time.

What Is Quartz?

Quartz countertops, also known as engineered stone basically consists of small crystals of quartzite stone that have been held together in slabs by a synthetic compound. They are then cut into custom sized pieces which fit precisely into the customer’s kitchen. Quartz is an excellent option if you want the look and feel of granite without the initial upfront cost. It also does not require any extra maintenance like pure granite slabs do. Granite is also expensive due to the fact that large slabs are cut as orders come in. This drives up the storage cost for the retailer which is essentially passed onto you, the consumer at the end of the day.

What About Granite?

Granite slab is quite a bit more expensive than quartz however it does have some large benefits comparatively speaking. A property with granite countertops installed sees a sharp increase in valuation and it is for good reason. Granite is labour intensive to install and in high demand for luxury home buyers so the price can cause a bit of sticker shock however.
When granite is installed it is often glued to your countertop so removing it can be a bit of a complicated task which is something you may want to consider if you are making the investment. It also does require the annual maintenance to avoid troublesome stains that quartz does not. This is not an intensive process and can be done in less than an hour depending on the extent of the granite you have installed, but it must be done to preserve the integrity of your investment.

Other Countertop Material Options

Natural stone isn’t the only option you can consider when talking to local Ottawa kitchen countertop suppliers. Butcher block, stainless steel and even concrete have become more popular in recent years. Stainless steel and concrete are obviously on the higher end in terms of cost due to the labour intensive process required but if you are looking to add a unique flair and design element to your kitchen to make your home stand out before you put it on the Ottawa market. We always recommend keeping in mind how intensively you use your kitchen and you’ll have a better time making a functional decision on your new countertops.

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3 Tips to Plan Your Bathroom Renovation Project

Posted by on Feb 14, 2015 in Remodeling, Tips For Home | Comments Off

1- Plan ahead what needs to be done:

Bathroom renovation is a task that requires a lot of thinking through, this is because it has many variables that just might change without notice. This is why we chose today to give you some of our tips that would help you have a better experience renovating your bathroom. Instead of leaving it all to the contractors who might cost you a lot more than you would have initially thought.

When you first want to renovate your house, it is true that contractors have experience regarding what needs to be done, however, you are the one who is living in this house and you should know better than anyone what needs to be changed and what could be left unchangedEnsuite Alteration. This is why you should simply walk through these points:

  • Is the en-suite or shower room dated or does it need a bathroom modernisation, including appliances and design?
  • Is your lavatory clean, gives water and plumbs it without problems? Do you get the regular water flow out of it? Does it get jammed even after you have cleaned it?
  • Is your bathtub clean? Could you afford having it just polished? Do you want extra features?
  • Are the cabinets sufficient? Do you have extra space? Would you like a new design for anything? Do you have to remove the flooring and wall tiles? Alternatively, you could re-polish them and renew their color?

These are just some questions to assess your needs; you could always have your own questions according to what you might have, as every bathroom renovation project is a story by itself. This step must be done to ensure that you know what you need and what you could consider luxury. This benefits greatly when attempting to estimate prices and budget.

After this, you would also want to shop and see if there was something that you might have missed. Shopping also ensures that you get a rough number of appliances you have no idea about their cost. A major point here is to come up with commotion lists and schedules if possible before contacting anybody to start working.

2- Could you do it yourself?

After assessing your needs, you now have a clear idea on  exactly what you want. Especially if you were low on budget, doing some or everything, yourself would cut the costs at least to the half. It also reduces the number of works to be done, thus reducing the cost. Contractors could always suggest things you might not want to but get convinced with on the spot.

Bathroom demolition Job

Usually the demolition and removal tasks are the easiest to do. However, unlike cleaning, painting and polishing could be fun activities to share with family. Therefore, the major point here is to do whatever you could yourself. Check out this website for easy DIY jobs.

3- Choose the contractors wisely

After you have specified what you need to be done, what you could do yourself, and what needs a contractor to do. You would need a contractor to start working on the tasks of your bathroom renovation you do not want to do. However, choosing a contractor could be an issue, unless you do it wisely.

To choose a contractor wisely you should first understand the tasks that should be done, so that you know if the person is the right one. Finishing and flooring contractors are not of the same experience as painting contractors when it comes to changing the flooring or renewing it.

Construction workers

You should also notice the history of the contractors, whether they worked on similar projects, whether they are aware of any special needs you might have. After all this being assured, you could ask them to bid their prices to ensure that you get the best deal. Notice that we are focusing here on the best deal for bathroom renovation, not the cheapest one. As new contractors are continuously searching for projects that they could mistakes in. Some interior alteration companies will actually have a complete team of renovating experts that work extremely efficiently together and have a proven track record of successful renovations. These are often a wise choice as there shouldn’t be any communication breakdowns and everything should flow smoothly.

Following these three tips would ensure that you have planned your project effectively and have left nothing to chance or anybody other than you to decide what happens in your bathroom renovation project.

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Increasing the value of a home after receiving a renovation

Posted by on Feb 5, 2015 in Remodeling, Tips For Home | Comments Off

Increasing the value of a home after receiving a renovation

 The prime target of renovating a home is to increase its value. But you should consider some facts to determine the blueprint of your home renovation very carefully because all the improvement plans do not increase the value of your home. Your unplanned improvement may cause the demotion of the value of your home. On the other hand, if you take a well-planned project, it will add a huge bottom line to the price of your property. You will need effectively choose which improvements you should apply and which plan should be immediately be tossed away. In this post, we will be aiming to provide you some helpful tips for your about the renovation project that will increase the value of your home.

Afterefx Painting

Redecorate the Kitchen

The kitchen is considered as the heart of the home. It serves in a lot of aspects. If the kitchen has a gorgeous look and is well equipped, the overall value of the house increased. But make sure that the kitchen is not too fancy or over styled to a point where the rest of the house looks rundown. You should choose all the appliances that are seen in modern houses to keep up with the trend. Paint can be used to your advantage and should be used as a low-cost restyling method. It’s recommended for you to use low VOC paint, this will make your kitchen eco-friendly.

Cabinet Maker in Cooking Area

Additional washroom

A Simple yet effective way to increase the value of your home. Let’s consider your home has only one washroom. Adding another washroom can be a great idea because the value of your home will jump a few step upwards. Don’t let any space remain unused, consider all the possibilities before starting a new project.

A Simple yet effective way to increase the value of your home. Let’s consider your home has only one washroom. Adding another washroom can be a great idea because the value of your home will jump a few step upwards. Don’t let any space remain unused, consider all the possibilities before starting a new project.

Add a new room

It may be very costly to add a few more square foot to your home to allocate a new room. Redecorate the existing space in your home to arrange a new room. It will save you time and money. Complete the basement and you can convert the attic into a new bedroom. The Basement can even be used as second living room or games room. Use the space properly to get maximum output.

Front Door Replacement

A stylish and reliable front door is an important part of curb appeal. According to remodeling magazines and experts, replacing a front door offers one of the best and handsome returns on the homeowner’s investment.

Front Door Afterefx

 Basic Modernising

It is recommended for you do some basic update and minor maintenance of your home. These small things can increase the value of your home in great extent. Keep the paint fresh and odor free, replace the wood if it rots or leaks make all the fittings and electric equipments properly operational. It will attract buyers and increase your home value as buyers always look forward to a healthy, safe and sound home. With your proper maintenance and upkeep, the end result of a renovation will reward you with a healthy profit.


Let me give you a clear idea about the effect of renovation on the selling price of your home. If you invest close $20,000 on a plan and reliable tradespeople to give you a professional looking home, you are likely to have added $30,000 to the value of your property depending on the real estate market in your area. So please, take professional advice and renovate your home the right way to ensure a healthy return.

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Home Improvement Tips For Spring

Posted by on Jan 29, 2015 in Remodeling, Spring Cleaning Tips, Tips For Home | Comments Off

House For Spring The winter is almost finished and spring is just around the corner. It is going to bring us bright sun, warm winds and a breath of a nice fresh air. Are you ready for spring? Well check your house if it is there any downsides. Here are some tips what you should check in your house:

- Check the gutters if they are loose or leaky. You don’t want water in your basement which can be led by improper drainage. So, check if downspouts drain away from the foundation, and also if they are clear and free of wreckage.

gutter- Check the exposed wood around your doors, windows, decks and railings. You can use a screwdriver to check out the wood trim on your house. This needs to be checked because the spring rains can do more damage to exposed wood, and you want to avoid that.

- Check your roof shingles if some were lost or damaged during winter. If your house has an older roof covering, maybe it is time for replacing it. Because of the summer sun can really damage roof shingles. If you see any cracked, loose or buckled shingles you need to replace it immediately. woodAlso you need to hire a qualified roofer to check and repair any flashing around plumbing vents, chimneys and skylights.

- Don’t forget your chimney also. You need to examine the exterior of the chimney and see if it is there any signs of damage. You need to call a certified chimney sweep to inspect and clean your chimney.

- Check also the hose faucets if there is any freeze damage. If you by any chance can’t stop the flow of waroofter, it is probably the pipe inside the home, and it is most likely damaged and it needs to be replaced.

- Don’t forget to test your air conditioning system. Do not wait until the first hot day to check it and then realize that you have a problem. You will probably need to wait a long time to have it serviced.

- Test fire and smoke alarms. Maybe you need to replace the batteries or to clean the dust from the covers.

- Check wattage of your light bulbs and if there is dust on them. While you clean every bulb check for the proper wattage is used. Believe it or not most of the fires can rCarpetesult if the wattage used in a fixture is too high.

- Deep cleaning of your carpets is a must. You should buy a steam cleaner for your home. This is the most important cleaner that every house should have. Deep cleaning is very important and it should be done regularly in your house.

- Don’t forget to clean out closetyour refrigerator and freezer. Vacuum the coils at least three times per year if you have a coil-back refrigerator, for maximum efficiency. Also, wipe down the whole interior and exterior surfaces,

- Organize your closets. There are too many unnecessary things in your close and you need to get rid of it. All those unused clothes and accessories should be in the garbage. The rest you should organize how you dress up in the morning and sort it out by the colors. Your closet will look nice and your everyday routine will be much easier.

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