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Tips To Prevent Fires

Posted by on Nov 14, 2015 in Tips For Home | Comments Off on Tips To Prevent Fires

Home Maintenance Tips to Prevent Fires 

Home fires are very common in Australia. According to a recent study over 2.5 billion worth of property is lost to house fires every year. Hence, it is imperative to come up with ways to protecting your home to avoid plunging yourself into financial problems and unnecessary trauma. Here are some maintenance tips that you can use to secure your home today brought to you by the team at 3minutes.

Check your Fire Detectors 

Advancement in technology has led to development of modernFire Detector fire detectors that are much more reliable and efficient than older models. Once installed, it is recommended that you test them periodically to be sure that they are working perfectly. Some detectors run on batteries, check them every month to ensure they are still in working order.

Ensure that your Dryer Vent is always Clean 

Unknown to most people is that having a clean dryer vent can help prevent home fires. Lint that accumulates inside the vent is highly flammable, the high temperatures inside can easily ignite them causing serious damage to your home. A bonus of having a clean dryer vent is that you will use less electricity and your clothes will dry faster.

Check the Expiry date on your Fire Extinguisher 

Fire ExtinguisherIf you do not have a fire extinguisher in your home, it is the high time that you purchased one. Ensure that you buy it from an accredited store. In case of a fire, the extinguisher that has expired may not function properly. If you have a older model you can now invest in a refillable extinguisher to save time and money that you will have to spend shopping for a new one in the future.

Clean your Chimney 

Just like the dryer vent, your chimney should be cleaned regularly. If you have a wood-burning stove, overtime creosote will accumulate inside the chimney. What is creosote? Simply put, this is the residue left from unburned wood particles, water vapour, gases, hydrocarbon, assorted minerals, and tar fog. It is highly flammable and can explode if exposed to high temperatures. Do yourself and your family a favour and get your chimney cleaned if you haven’t done so in the last few years.

Repair your Electrical Connections 

Faulty electrical cords are some of the main causes of home fires. It is recommended that you check them periodically to be sure that they are in good condition. Any frayed, cracked, or worn out cords should be replaced immediately. More importantly, make sure that you are not overloading circuits. The rule of the thumb is “one plug per receptacle.”

Never Smoke Inside the House 

Apart from compromising your health, smoking is ranked among the top three most common causes of home fires deaths. The fires usually occur when someone loses track of their still smouldering butt, which then come into contact with a flammable items inside the house. Hence, if you smoke cigarettes, do so outside the house. Go an extra mile and come up with a no smoking indoors policy. You should always douse all butts with water before disposing them to be sure that they are completely extinguished any incapable of starting a fire.

Concentrate Fully When Cooking on a Stovetop

Stovetop cooking is another major cause of home fires in Australia. Most of them occur when one leaves something on the stove and forgets to check it. One of the guaranteed ways of preventing this is by concentrating fully on what you are cooking and avoid distractions. Turn off the heat before leaving the kitchen or answering the phone.

Be Very Careful When Using Candles 

The open flames can easily ignite household accessories. Based on this fact, it is wise to invest in battery operate candles instead of the traditional open flame candles. Modern ones have the same design as the traditional ones. However, if you decide to use the traditional candles, ensure that you put out the flame before leaving the room. No matter how romantic you want your bedroom to be, do not light candles here, you can easily doze off only to wake up a few hours later to a bedroom filled with smoke and fire.

It is possible to reduce your fire risk by taking all the above precautionary measures. Be sure to educate all your family members about the same to keep them safe even in your absence.


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Considering A DIY Drain Unblocking Project?

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 in Tips For Home | Comments Off on Considering A DIY Drain Unblocking Project?

The purpose of this page is to provide you with basic information about different types of plumbing and drainage equipment used by professionals to unclog drains in homes and in businesses. We have compiled this information from speak with drain unblocking professionals and plumbers in the Sutherland Shire.
Usually on a single family home, you will find an average of 10 to 16 drains of different shapes, designs and sizes, for each drain you will need a specific drainage tools to fix the issue. The question still arises, how do you know which machine to use on a particular drain clog?

Electric Eel Drain Clearing

But don’t you worry about being an expert because you don’t need to be or become one, all you need is some training and there’s no better way to be trained than doing the work yourself, then you can see firsthand what is required. Instructions for each machine come with most tools and store clerks are happy to give you tips on operation if you are still unsure how to properly carry out tasks.

Check Out This Video For Drain Clearing Plumbers Below

Here is a list of the most common types of equipment used to fix drainage issues; Plunger, Closet Auger, 100-Machine, 300-Machine, and Scour jet machines (water pressure machine).
If you decide that you want to buy a machine, make sure that you are not buying a piece of junk. Ask the store representative as many questions as possible about the machine or equipment that you want to buy.

Heads Up

As you go around looking for drain equipment, you will realize that there are a large variety of machines and tools available from different brands, some of them will be very similar in look, however, the outcomes could be completely different from each other.

Once you know well enough about drain machines, you will be able to determine which machine will be the right one to fix the problem that you might be having at home. If you still have questions about something that I might have forgotten to mention here, it is best to contact your local drain unblocking contractor.

Final Advice

Once again, the information provided here is offered to you for free; use it at your own discretion. But understand that I or my website cannot be held liable for the outcome, always consult a professional plumber if you think something looks a little to hairy for a DIY project.

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Call A Local Local Locksmith

Posted by on Aug 21, 2015 in Tips For Home | Comments Off on Call A Local Local Locksmith

Whether you want to install new locks or re-key the already existing ones, it is important to seek the services of a qualified local locksmith. Anyone who uses locks whether in their homes, offices or cars knows that there are many faults that can occur and if they are not fixed accordingly, they will lead to serious situations. For instance, if you are not sure of how reliable the locks are, you can never be sure about your security or the safety of your property. Here are some of the things that you need to know.

Services offered by a local locksmith

If you have constructed a new house, you need to secure it by fixing the best locks on all the doors. This should be done by a locksmith who understands what to do. They will select the best locks in the markets, test them and fix them according to the standards. This way, you do not have to worry about who has access to your premises. Even though there are people who believe that they can do this on their own, the truth is that unless you have the knowledge of a professional locksmith, you will probably make lots of mistakes.

Similarly, anyone who is moving into a new house or buying a new car should start by checking the security of the locks. The property has definitely been accessed by many people before you and you just do not know where some copies of the keys could be. To do this, professional locksmiths often advise people to re-key their locks or to just purchase new ones altogether. The good thing is that once you find a professional locksmith, everything will be analyzed in the best way possible and the best solution provided.

What to look for in a local locksmith

Reliable surveys have always shown that many people do not even know the kinds of qualities that they should consider when hiring locksmiths. Even though there are many iSafety Doors for Extra Securityndividuals and companies that offer these services, it is unlikely that they all will be good. In fact, many customers get astonished when they find out that in as much as there are those who are amazing; others do not even possess the ability to offer what their clients need. This is the reason why you should take some time and determine exactly what you will get from them before getting into any agreement.

Start by looking at the kinds of projects that the locksmiths have worked on. Whether you are searching on or offline, try to talk to some of their clients and see what they have to say. If you notice that they are dissatisfied, that is just a clear indication that you should look for these services from elsewhere. You also can read some reviews and see customer ratings if they are available on their websites. If you have the time to visit their shop, you might want to see if they have the right tools and equipment to offer these services.

Why you should use this local locksmith

If you are looking for reliability, then you should hire this locksmith. With many years of experience serving local clients, there is no doubt that they deeply understand the most unique needs of their clients. They probably have worked with many customers who had problems very similar to the ones that you are facing and so, they will have a quick solution. The fact that they have invested in the latest equipment makes them even better. Everyone wants a professional who keeps their word and this is exactly what you will get especially with a customer support system that is designed to ensure that you easily get all the information that you might want.

Clearly, it is not easy to find a local locksmith who can even come close to what you will find from this one. If you have been dissatisfied and unhappy with the services that you have been getting from many of the other locksmiths in this area, it definitely is time to make a switch. All that you need to do is to contact them today and start enjoying the best services that you can ever find.

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How To: Granite Countertop Installation

Posted by on Aug 11, 2015 in Remodeling, Tips For Home | Comments Off on How To: Granite Countertop Installation

Granite countertops can make your kitchen look polished and put-together, but installing them can be a difficult and expensive process. If you don’t think you have the skills necessary to install the counters as a do-it-yourself project, consider calling a professional to do the job for you.

New Benchtop In KitchenIf you decide to tackle the job on your own, the first thing you need to do is carefully measure the counter. Next, use another lightweight paper or even a Kraft paper to create a template of the counter. Carefully mark out the space necessary for the sink and other openings. Once you’ve done that, decide how much of an edge you will need on the counter and add that measurement to your template. This will ensure that the counter you order will have the proper measurements. Next, choose the material you want and order it according to the measurements of your template.

Once the material arrives, you will need to make sure the cabinets can support its weight before you can continue with the countertop installation. You can do this by adding a layer of plywood to the counter. You should cut the plywood using the same dimensions as the top of the counter and attach it to the cabinets using screws or a nail gun. Next, carefully place the stone on top of the plywood. Using a marker or pencil, draw a line designating the sink hole or any other openings. Next, carefully remove the stone and stand it upright against a wall so it doesn’t break.

Using a drill to drill a pilot hole in the center of the mark sink opening. YNew Granite Benchtop Installationou need to use a jigsaw to cut out the hole. You can cut as much as one-eighth of an inch outside of the line if you aren’t able to cut precisely along the line. The next step to finish the granite install is to insert the sink. Once you’ve done this, you should get the stone top and place it on top of the plywood. Carefully make adjustments so that it’s aligned properly with the sink and edges of the cabinets. Make sure that you push all the seams together as tightly as possible.


You will need to glue the stone down to complete the process of installing granite countertops. First, make sure the stone is level. Once you’ve done that, you are required to raise it once more time and apply silicone sealer to the plywood edges. You should space circular dollops of the sealer every 6 to 12 inches along the plywood edges. You’ll also need to put sealer around the sink. Once you’ve done this, fill the seams around the sink by applying a mixture of hardener and resin. Use a mixture similar in color to the counter for best results.

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Tips To Protect Your House For Against Burglary

Posted by on Jul 30, 2015 in Tips For Home | Comments Off on Tips To Protect Your House For Against Burglary

If a home robbery is estimated to take more than 5 minutes to complete the job, most burglars will pass up the opportunity for an easier target. If you want to make your home totally burglar-proof, you will have to live in a safe! As that is not really practical, the next best thing is to make use of as many “burglary repellents” as you can – that are aimed at taking up the burglar’s precious time and making your home less inviting to him.

These are some tips to slow the burglar:

Use Common Sense

Did you know that as many burglaries occur during the day as at night? This is especially true during working hours. Do not leave your gate open or any exterior doors unlocked when you’re not home. This also applies to any window locks. Never leave anything valuable in sight. Always turn on your alarm when you are away from home. And if you can, always try to give the impression that someone is present in your home. For example, leave on some lights, or the radio playing.

Social Audit / Landscaping

Effective landscaping and being socially aware can mean that potential intruders are easily and quickly identifiable. Make any approach to your home clearly visible with no place to hide, if possible. Have all doors and windows clearly visible from the street and neighbors’ houses. Share information of suspicious activity with your friends and neighbors.

This does not apply if the property is difficult to see from the street, where the intruder often has the opportunity to take longer and is not disturbed during his job.

Fright Lights

These are lights that come on automatically when a sensor detects someone nearby.

For a thief is to remain unnoticed is critical. A bright light that shines on him suddenly is therefore often enough to deter him. Also use a timer on your lights to make it seem that there is still someone in the house.Multi Point Door Lock

Burglary Doors

Add security locks to your exterior doors. Additional padlocks are also a good idea. A multi-point lock is essential, and will greatly slow down a potential robber. Ask your local locksmith to advise you on the most appropriate locks for your situation.

Burglary Windows

Additional window locks ensure that a crowbar is not sufficient to open the window. You can also install separate window handle locks, so that when someone breaks a window he cannot turn the window handles without a key.

Make the windows fixed in areas where the intruder would have more time to work undetected. For example if you have an extension, burglars can climb behind the house on a flat roof. The thieves will not be visible from the street and would have more time. Therefore, use fixed windows in these locations. They are very difficult to draw from the façade and the thieves will lose a lot of time.

Door Spies and Cameras

A spy hole on your exterior doors is a good idea. That way you always know whSafety Doors for Extra Securityo is at your door before you open it. This is especially useful for apartments. Also deter burglars. They will have already seen the cameras. In combination with alarm lights, the risk of being caught will usually be too great for them. This is sufficient reason for many burglars to look for an alternative home.


Alarm systems are still one of the most effective systems to protect your home against burglary. For many burglars the presence of an effective alarm system provides too great a risk of them getting caught. This is especially true when there are also sufficient social controls in place and cameras.

So follow our simple tips and greatly reduce the likelihood of your home being burgled. Remember, that speed is of the essence to the home invader and anything that can slow him down, or that he thinks will slow him down, will be a great deterrent.

Guest post by 24 Hour Locksmith Pros

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